Horse Hipica and Refuge Tikotta in Canyelles

Last weekend Penelope from Mimoun had the pleasure of visiting this magical place, just a few miles from Sitges.

Penelope fell in love with Hope.

Tikotta is a beautiful refuge for horses needing adoption. Situated in Canyelles, surrounded by forest,  the charity is dedicated to saving and recuperating as many horses as they can.

You can visit the centre for horseback riding classes and excursions, celebrations, summer camps… or just to help out with the horses.  Whilst doing all of these activities you are helping the horses to recover.

Tikotta are not conventional in their equestrian style. They work solely for the horses. From the philosophy of adoption and recovery, they practice Natural Horse Riding and Horse Agility with the horses that can work and, in this way, through the school to raise money for their shelter.

All horses go without irons in their mouths (bitless) and without suffering any method of aggressive or traumatic taming. They are fed with varied forage of the best quality at free disposal during 24h / day distributed in networks along the entire route of Paddock Paradise where they live barefoot, in a herd and enjoying their freedom.
We highly recommend a visit for all ages.

Visit the Tikotta website for more details, or visit the centre here – Cami del Pla del Bosc s/n08870 Canyelles, Spain.

Thank you to Karina Sala for these lovely photos of the day.

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