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From heart and experience

Mimoun is all about personalised approach. And when it comes to such big change like moving to a new country, you cannot overestimate the role of your guide. After all, she would be the one to support you and your family through the process, take you by the hand and provide all the help necessary with setting into a new home. You both need to know each other, and to trust each other.


Meet Penelope Olij-Perez, founder of Mimoun and expert in relocation services. Over the years, she has been at the helm of relocations and international moves to such different destinations as Netherlands, South Africa, Switzerland and Spain. The last 14 years, she and her husband – both Dutch nationals – have resided in the Barcelona area, where they built a successful business and raised their family.

Penelope has faced the fears of building a new life and settling her family in a new environment herself. She now considers it her calling to give you guidance, be at your side and make you feel safe throughout the journey. In previous years, she had helped so many others to find new homes and new lifestyles and she had always wished that one day she could have her own special company. Mimoun grew from that desire.

Know-how and flexibility

Penelope is an efficient negotiator and has great communication skills. She is reliable, focused and very well organized. But what truly differentiates an excellent relocation expert from simply a good one, is the ability to take care of the client also after the moving process itself is finished. After all, life satisfaction doesn’t end on the cozy apartment with a beautiful view. Thanks to her extended social network, she helps its clients to feel at home by connecting family members to local organizations, community centers and other activities. Whether you’d like to join a group of Hatha yoga souls, evening city runners, book discussion club, dog walking meetup or the appropriate support group, she will introduce you to the right people.


Moreover, Penelope will gladly take you on a tour of the city, district or neighborhood, show where to find the best local craft and food, and what the residents do for fun (for instance, she knows great places for wine tasting, surrounded by breathtaking nature). She will also connect you with the best professionals in their fields, according to your needs: doctors, lawyers, insurance agents, interior designers, language teachers, etc. With her help, the stress of settling in a new environment and getting to know your way around will be reduced to the minimum.

Tailor-made services and smart choices

Most of all, Penelope simply likes people. She listens to them carefully and aims to understand their needs – even the ones they don’t realize themselves! Living in different countries throughout the years and getting to deeply know various cultures enabled her to understand that no family is like the other. Each has its own needs and has to be treated individually. Older couple which seeks a calm place on a beach to spend the retirement requires different approach than thirtysomethings with little children whose main goal is to find suitable school and integrate with the local community. Exchange students who want to take advantage of the cultural life of the city have different priorities than high class professionals who plan to make investments using Golden Visa program. For Penelope, there’s no thing as standard package of relocation services; she adjusts her guidance and support to each individual client.

Living beautifully and with engagement

When she’s not working, Penelope loves to read and spend time with her husband Daniel and their two teenage kids. To stay fit, she practices yoga and standup paddleboarding, and she finds great joy in cooking healthy for her family. Living in harmony with the nature is very important for her; she organizes local actions to preserve it, such as “Beach Clean-Up” at Sitges with the families of the Olive Tree School.


Penelope is also a keen photographer who captures beautiful moments and sights. Barcelona area and its surroundings are full of them; just take a look at Mimoun’s Instagram to see how lovely and pleasant life here could be. With her help, you and your family can also taste it yourselves. In her own words, “It is wonderful to see people flourish and I´m so grateful to be a part of that success.”

You can read how Penelope has already helped others at Mimoun Testimonials subpage. Feel invited to call her (+34 677 152 080) or send her an email ( to embark on a journey to a new home.

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