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Every day we come across inspiring new businesses in the local areas that we cover. Many are set up by members of our expat community, and we’d just love to share some of these companies with you.

Our first local business recommendation is Lola & Leon Family Club in Sitges.  We asked founder Esther, originally from France, some questions about her club and a bit about her expat life in Sitges too.

Tell us about L&L and what pushed you to open such a great space.

Lola & Leon was created out of the need to have a place to go as a family, with kids, with grandparents, with family & friends who are visiting the town.

I, as a mum of a big family, am always on the lookout for child-friendly places but have never been a fan of the traditional “chiquiparks”.  Our aim was to create a space where adults would feel good too, like a shared, second living room space for all to enjoy.

What are the best things about the area you live in?

The fact that we’re all just a few steps away from nature.  It is so easy to bike or to drive 5-10mins to whichever direction and ta-dah, you’re surrounded by wine yards, forest or both.  I also like the lively, international community in the area.

I’ve found it very easy to make new friends and get to know people and I am sure that many people feel the same way. Sitges is small in many ways so “everyone meets everyone” quite quickly if wanting to do so.

Do you have a favourite local business to recommend to other expats?

Yes. I like kids clothes & toys from Jan & Friends in C/ Francesc, lunch bowls and cakes made by Suzy from @foodieinbarcelona and Jo Kemp takes amazing photographs for family or business purposes.


Do you offer a Summer Camp at Lola & Leon?

Yes! Our summer camps are full of creativity and fun and they’re meant for kids between 2-11 years. We spend time outdoors every day, we will plant seeds, play with water, walk in nature but we will also enjoy our beautiful nordic inspired club space.

We will be baking and cooking, spending time building and creating in our very own art workshop. There will be moments with sensory play, music and movement, storytelling … And more importantly; time for playing.

We are well known for our high-quality camps from where the kids do not want to go home… Please be quick when reserving as the places are always filling up fast.

RESERVATIONS: hello@lolayleon.com

Where can we find out more about you?

Lola&Leon Family Club

C Joan Puig Mestre 2
00870 Sitges

Instagram @lolayleon

Web https://www.lolayleon.com/

A big thanks to Esther!

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