Relocating to Sitges for Retirement – Roger and Stephen

As you may know, Sitges is a small remote town just outside Barcelona, with its own cultures and traditions.  It has a variety of communities and is a gay and foreigner friendly environment.

Such aspects guided our recent clients Stephen and Roger from New York to Sitges, having made the decision to retire in this beautiful location.

Sitges relocation

My clients found me through Lisa, owner of Lizy’s Kitchen; (may I add, the best place to order your cake, from vegan to gluten free options, and for the chocolate lovers, too!).  Word-of-mouth is how most of our clients find us and I’m very proud of that.



Everything was going smoothly in the transition, however, as the final move came closer, issues with outside factors such as Private Health Insurance brought tension and slight worry.

Nonetheless, nothing withholds me when it comes to completing my job and we like to pull out all the stops at Mimoun, so I am proud to announce that I managed to make the impossible possible.

I use my local relationships and connections to do all I can to work through your teething problems.

Now, exactly one week since the move, Roger, Stephen and their cat, Maggie, are fully installed and adapted to their new life.


They are delighted by the fact that life brought them here, a beautiful and safe place where they can retire, watching the sunsets over the sea with peaceful hearts.

Trust in me…

Walking with them along their favourite beach Balmins, not only I felt their gratitude, but came to realise what such projects contribute to me personally. Trust, I would say, is a big achievement.

I am flattered when it comes to clients that show trust in me, to manage their future and preparing their new lives; the big responsibilities of finding their dream home, furnishing it and making everything function and coordinate, going from paper work to opening bank accounts.  Essentially dealing with the external influencers and factors that can make or break the final outcome.

Additionally, each client has their story, Roger and Stephen have shared many great conversations about their love for art, culture, food and most importantly, ‘love at first sight’ on our first encounter; Stephen wearing a navy blue striped shirt, an immediate feeling of a re-encounter with my father-in-law, Edmond Mimoun. This gives me a warm heart, the connection between family, trust and gratitude.

Finally, once again I want to reafirm, the impossible was made possible at Mimoun again.

We never give up. After all, ‘clients are king’, right?

Warm regards,


Testimonial from Roger & Stephen

“We all dream, but rarely try to realise one.

Ours: retired American ex-pats creating a new life in Sitges. We loved its ambience and climate; its proximity to Barcelona; its accessibility to other parts of Spain and beyond.

Several short-term residencies sold us. Conversations with real estate agents, bankers, and locals confounded us. We knew how to relocate in the US, but Spain presented unknown challenges. We needed help. Fortunately, a local baker connected us with Penelope Olij-Perez.

New Yorkers tend to be skeptics: always question. But, our skepticism was misplaced. Penelope’s warmth immediately lowered our guard. For nearly two hours, she deftly led us through conversations about ourselves, our vision for a new home and life, and the ways that she should could help us. We had found our guardian angel!

She became our eyes, ears, and more, communicating with such clarity that we felt we were at her side. Trans-Atlantic flights and frustrations were avoided as she finessed opening bank accounts, searching for the perfect apartment (we got it), negotiating our lease, securing insurance and utilities.

A strong and effective advocate, she seemed to effortlessly resolve problems we faced with banks and businesses or secure that extra item or service she believed we needed. No detail was overlooked, not a light bulb nor a clothes hanger. We could not have hoped for a smoother transition. The perfect ending to this journey: Penelope welcoming us into our new home.

We are still smiling at our very good fortune to have met and worked with her and Mimoun.” 

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  1. Mihaela

    Me encanta todo lo que haces porque haces la gente feliz


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