Mimoun specialises in luxury and up market properties.
We have a deep understanding of market values and how to get the best price for you.

Many international buyers, football professionals, VIP and Golden Visa investors are drawn to the Mimoun brand. This gives you, as a homeowner, a distinct advantage when selling your home to a niche market.

We have a unique support network that helps us maintain the highest levels of customer service and efficiency.

We do not waste valuable time, which means our in-house team can have your property fully marketed and online shortly after photographing it.

Mimoun offers maximum exposure coverage with digital, on-line and off-line marketing.

Building long-term relationships is our strength. This is why we work passionately to provide the best possible service for you.

We go through the process together to identify the unique selling points of your property.

We have purposely decided to focus on a small number of listings at any given time in order to dedicate the time and attention your property needs to sell quickly and at the best price.

Get in touch with our team to discuss your specific requirements.

What make us special?

  • Specialists in upmarket and luxury properties

  • Exclusive private network of VIPs and investors

  • Discreet and confidential customer service

  • Strict codes of practice and total clarity

  • Fast and efficient exposure to the right buyers

  • Assistance and financial guidance for your needs

  • Made to measure sales and marketing service

  • Golden Visa


We will make sure that your property truly stands out, maximizing your exposure; promoting your property through our personal network and with other agencies creating a glossy brochure and an online campaign.

Non Exclusive

We’ll be using all our experience to market your property to its best advantage, highlighting its unique selling features and promoting it to customers and investors who are looking to buy.

Property Advice


Buying property is an important transaction. Buying property in Spain is challenging due to the different legislation, customs and language.

We work with multilingual independent experts who guide you through the buying process, present a roadmap with clear explanations. They will make all necessary controls, and accompany you at the notary when granting the public deed of purchase, assuring the deed is duly recorded at the Land Registry generating proof of ownership for you.

Our service makes buying your property in Spain a safe, pleasant and unconcerned experience.

Renting Your Property

Renting out your Spanish property ? Our independent experts will elaborate the proper rental contract, according to the latest legislation in force. Detailed protection of your property will be taken care of.

You will also receive advice regarding property management solutions and tax implications.

We will clarify doubts and answer all your questions.


If you decide to sell your property in Spain, it is important to meet all legal and tax aspects, but also follow the local customs.

The independent multilingual experts we work with will make sure that the right down payment contract is drawn up, the detailed selling process is recorded in a clear roadbook and that you will be personally assisted at the notary granting the public deed.

Renting a Property

You are an expatriate and wish to rent property in Spain. Or before acquiring any property you wish to rent property first. In these cases, our independent experts are happy to assist you to understand the reservation- and rental contract that are presented to you.

The contracts are reviewed in detail, a comprehensive resumé will be issued and proposals are made to ensure all your rights are met, no pitfalls are hidden and that you are not confronted with unacceptable issues.