Facts you might not know about Barcelona…

Moving to a new city is an exciting experience, offering so much to learn.  Our Digital Marketing Manager, Lisa Long, has been in touch with the Ajuntament de Barcelona to find out some interesting facts and figures that you might not have come across before to help you gain a bit more knowledge about Barcelona as a place to live.

The figures go to show what a cosmopolitan city Barcelona is, and we think you’ll agree it’s a fantastic place to relocate to!

Outside the centre of Barcelona, Mimoun can help you discover the best place to settle. Sitges, Gavà and Castelldefels are included in these figures and are well connected places to live, with quiet residential areas and green spaces.  We are the specialists for these outskirt locations so please get in touch if you need our assistance.

  • More than 40 intercontinental direct flights and over 200 flights to European cities take off from Barcelona’s El Prat Airport every year.
  • There are over 172km of bike lates in the city, expected to grow up to 308km in 2019.
  • 52% walk or cycle for trips within the city.
  • There are 9 UNESCO world heritage sites in the city, and 56 museums.
  • We have 4.7km of urban beaches with 2,867.5 hours of sun per year.
  • Spain has the highest life expectancy in Europe, second in the world.
  • There are 12 public hospitals and 46 private hospitals 53 CAP (local doctors) in Barcelona.
  • The foreigner population increased by 7.8% between 2016 and 2017.
  • 17.8% of the population in Barcelona are foreigners.
  • Barcelona is home to 173 nationalities.
  • Over 40 international schools cover Barcelona’s metropolitan area.
  • There were 8,755 new firm incorporations in 2017 and over 7,000 foreign companies established in Catalonia.

For more information have a look at Welcome to Barcelona – Practical Relocation Guide.

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